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What is Sensitivity Training?

What is Sensitivity Training?

Sensitivity training is One-to-One individual or group training that focuses on making employees aware of their attitudes, behaviours, and their impact on themselves and others. It promotes better individual and group accountability and dynamics.

Sensitivity training is an important part of an organization’s commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and safe work environment.  Sensitivity training is not meant to be punitive; instead, it encourages personal growth and skill development using learning methods that engage adult participants. Training plans are customized to meet the specific goals of both the organization and individual employees.

Who is Sensitivity Training for?

Employees, Supervisors, Managers and Directors, it is offered in restorative/remedial programs, for both individuals and groups, that promote respectful, productive workplaces.

What does Sensitivity Training involve?

Sensitivity training involves using tools and techniques that are designed to help employees develop the communication and conflict management skills they need to restore healthy workplace relationships which will foster civility and respect in the workplace. Participants learn about regulating their behaviour and establishing appropriate boundaries. Interactive discussions help participants understand and recognize negative workplace conduct and the impact that their “insensitive” behaviour has on others. Coaches/Trainers guide employees through training materials, videos, case scenarios, quizzes, and more, encouraging questions and meaningful discussion.

4 Benefits of Conducting Sensitivity Training:

  1. Prevents Harassment/Discrimination Complaints
  2. Increases Morale, and Reinforces Code of Conduct
  3. Improves Organizational Reputation
  4. Reduces Legal Liability


What are the methods of delivery for Sensitivity Training?

One-on-One sensitivity training programs are conducted in real-time with a trainer through an online interactive training platform accessible via Zoom or Teams.

Group sessions can be delivered via In-Person Employee Training or Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

What is the Process for conducting One-to-One Sensitivity Training?

A consultation is arranged with the trainer/coach to discuss the circumstances giving rise to the need for sensitivity training.   A customized training plan is created which applies to that individual.  A written assessment of the participant’s performance along with a Certificate of Completion will be issued for the Employee Personnel File.

What are the most popular topics covered in Sensitivity Training?

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding Personal Boundaries
  • Managing Anger
  • Communication Coaching for Leaders
  • Promoting Positive Personal Conduct
  • Unconscious Bias and Microaggression
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Coaching Services
  • Prevent Sexual Harassment
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Civility & Respect



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