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Instructor-Led Training Hosted LMS SCORM Package Customized Training MP4 Format DVD

All-In-One Solution

HR Proactive Inc.'s Fully-Loaded Hosted LMS

The Online Training Platform is a full-service portal to house your company’s Human Resources and Health & Safety training products and documents. Its ease of use is ideal for workers to access your company’s training manuals, employee handbook, health & safety manual, and other policies and procedures in one place. The back-end database has been set up via the video and quizzes to track the progress of your learners. By providing a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, online training not only effectively keeps your workers up-to-date but engaged as well.

Train workers quickly and easily with HR Proactive Inc.’s innovative Learning Management Training Solution!

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Online Training Platform

White-Label Platform

Easy-to-Use Interface

Mobile-Friendly Training


Engaging Content

Customizable with your Logo/Brand & Policies

Compliant with Relevant Legislation

Printable Reports

Track Learner Progress

Certificate of Completion provided

SCORM Package

HR Proactive Inc’s eLearning Programs are available to license as a SCORM Compliant Package and can be hosted in your Learning Management System (LMS) or HRIS system. Our online eLearning Programs can be customized with your company brand/logo and policy.

Why should I use SCORM?

If you want to purchase course content, you will need to upload that content into your LMS. SCORM takes care of making sure the content is compatible with an LMS and that an LMS can import, launch and track content.

Live-Virtual Classroom Workshops

HR Proactive Inc.’s Virtual Live Classroom Workshops provide comprehensive training right from your own computer. As with our traditional in-person classroom format, Virtual Live Instructor-Led training provides hands-on learning, interactivity and participant engagement, all with the flexibility of learning from wherever you choose.

Customized Training

No more “Zoom Fatigue or Death by PowerPoint!” We have a passion for creating dynamic, interactive, and fully customized training. Our seasoned trainers bring a wealth of experience which allows for meaningful dialogue with employees that reinforce appropriate boundaries. We engage employees through relevant, job-specific learning scenarios. Most importantly, we help promote respectful behaviour.

Instructor-Led Training

HR Proactive Inc. has been building Respectful Workplaces throughout Canada and the United States since 1997. At HR Proactive Inc., we provide engaging, interactive and experiential workshops that are customized to your company’s needs. The benefit of classroom training is that you can learn best practices from a subject-matter specialist.

Most requested topics:

  • Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions
  • Bystander Intervention;
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Respectful Workplaces

MP4 Format

Benefits of the MP4 format include:

Can be used on multiple platforms.
Has a high amount of compression, resulting in smaller file sizes.
Allows you to attach metadata to your files.


DVDs are ideal when you have a small group to train and have access to a DVD player. DVDs as a method of training are ideal when you do not have access to the internet. For example, you are training your employees on a ship or off-site work location.
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