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What is Sensitivity Training?

What is Sensitivity Training? Sensitivity training is One-to-One individual or group training that focuses on making employees aware of their attitudes, behaviours, and their impact on themselves and others. It promotes better individual and group accountability and dynamics. Sensitivity training is an important part of an organization’s commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive, and safe […]

Maintaining Healthy Workplaces: Managing Stress Through Resiliency

It is important to maintain both a healthy mindset and a healthy workplace in these changing times.  People have been impacted by many lifestyle and workplace changes, which may have caused them stress.  One of the major mental forces in combatting stress is resiliency, which strengthens our ability to deal with change and burnout. Stress […]

Alberta Statutory Holidays 2024

Alberta Statutory Holidays 2024 If you do not work in a federally regulated workplace in Alberta (banks, railroads, postal and courier services, interprovincial transport, telecommunications, the federal public service, the armed forces), you are covered by the Employment Standards Code (“ESC”). The ESC sets standards governing overtime, vacation, and statutory holidays. There are special provisions to the […]

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