Investigating Human Rights Complaints in the Workplace Training

Live Virtual Training:
Investigating Harassment Complaints in the Workplace


Our 'Investigating Harassment Complaints in the Workplace' training is a one-day instructor-led virtual workshop for employers who want to train managers, human resources personnel and others who are responsible for handling employee harassment complaints and internal investigations.

Our live virtual training workshop covers:

  • Legal Framework: Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Legal Standards and Burdens of Proof
  • The Investigation Process: Pre-Investigation, Gathering Evidence, Post Investigation
  • Evidentiary Matters; Types of Evidence
  • The Role of the Investigator
  • Investigation Report Structure
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Concluding the Investigation; Weighing the Evidence & Harassment Analysis
  • Tips & Procedures

Participants will become more aware of such factors and considerations as credibility, confidentiality, and privacy throughout the human rights investigative process.

Learning Objectives

  • To increase knowledge of the Human Rights Code and the Occupational Health & Safety Act;
  • To understand the nature of evidence and specifically the standard of proof in workplace harassment complaints;
  • To become more aware of the various types and forms of evidence that can be gathered and how to preserve evidence and maintain a good investigation file;
  • To practice solid investigation techniques.

Our live virtual instructor-led training will help participants gain confidence and knowledge in their role as investigators.

Takeaway: Participants will be provided with a comprehensive Participant Guide as a resource.

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