Harassment E-Learning Program

This program has an employee and manager version and is also available in the French language.

E-solutions for Workplace Harassment Prevention

At HR Proactive Inc., we are constantly working to offer our customers high-value products and services that provide solutions for challenges affecting employee productivity, workplace well-being and compliance with legislation. With our new E-Learning program, we can offer a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS) as well as new online courses that are relevant to your workplace. These courses are designed to help you reduce the risk and minimize the effects of harassment and discrimination across your workplace/organization.

Online training offers flexibility

We recognize the challenges that employers face in rolling out employee training. However, our online programs offer flexibility to accommodate schedules. Our online courses can be taken whenever and wherever there is Internet access – and since courses are self-paced, participants can start, stop or pause the program as necessary.

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Course Objectives

This module will explain to all employees about the nuances of what is and what is not harassment. Your employees need accurate and practical information to identify, prevent and report harassment and other forms of discrimination.

Course Duration: Approximately 30-40 minutes


This course is designed to teach all employees and management personnel their rights and responsibilities under human rights legislation.


Our online harassment prevention training programs content covers:

  • What Is a Respectful Workplace and Why Is It Important?
  • Levels of Liability
  • The Effects of Workplace Harassment on the Individual and the Organization
  • What Is Harassment and Discrimination?
  • The Definition of Workplace
  • Prohibited Grounds/Social Areas
  • Examples of Harassment and Types of Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Examples of Sexual Harassment
  • Poisoned Work Environment
  • When Is It Not Harassment?
  • Psychological/Personal Harassment
  • Relevant Case Law Links
  • Case Studies, Multiple-Choice Questions and Mastery Quiz
  • Organization’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • What to Do If You Believe You Are Being Harassed

Powered by an easy-to-use LMS

The online workplace harassment training is offered through a powerful, feature-rich, user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that offers the following features:


Our online training programs can help:

  • Meet your organization’s human rights law “due diligence” obligations
  • Decrease the risk of incidents of workplace harassment
  • Reduce potential health claims and associated extended medical costs
  • Prevent employee grievances and the likelihood of litigation
  • Improve productivity through reduced absenteeism
  • Eliminate the hassles of classroom training


Learning Management System is:

  • Easy to use – to plan, schedule, deliver and track employee training across the organization
  • Cost-effective
  • Globally accessible (24/7)

Our online training programs:

  • Provide interactive, challenging and customizable content
  • Help employees and supervisors:
    • Define workplace harassment
    • Identify what does and does not constitute harassment
  • Explain what steps to take if you believe you have been subjected to unwelcome comments or conduct

Supervisors/Administrators can:

  • Monitor participation
  • Easily track results
  • Create online quizzes
  • Schedule follow-up sessions

Employees can:

  • Self-register on a secure site
  • View and complete the course at their convenience
  • Participate in online quizzes
  • Produce certificates of completion


The course will be customized to include your organization’s harassment policy procedures and Human Resource contact people. As well, the course Welcome page will contain a course introduction about your organization.


Upon completion of the Respectful Workplace training program, HR Proactive will provide the employee with a certificate of completion. We will also provide the employer with a master list of all employees who have completed the program and been certified.