Preventing Harassment In the Workplace for Employees Training

Table of Contents

Why Is It Important To Learn About Harassment In The Workplace?
Liability For Harassment In The Workplace
Video Showing (Optional)
What Is Harassment?
Examples Of Harassment
What Is The Definition Of Workplace?
Effects And Responses Of Victims Of Harassment
Effects Of Harassment On The Workplace
Prohibited Grounds And Social Areas
Sexual Harassment And Poisoned Work Environment
Types Of Sexual Harassment
Examples Of Sexual Harassment
When Is It NOT Harassment?
Personal Harassment
Company Policy On Harassment
What To Do If You Believe You Are Being Harassed
Company Internal Complaint Procedure
Other Complaint Considerations
Wrap-Up & Questions And Answers

Facilitator Notes Lesson Outline
Power Point Slide #1 Introduction

Facilitator Introduction

The facilitator introduces self and relationship with participants e.g. consultant, from Human Resources, Director etc. and expertise in subject matter.

The facilitator says, “I am here today to provide you with information about workplace harassment, more specifically, what it is and what it is not and the steps an employee can take if they believe they are being harassed”.

Power Point Slides #2 & #3 Review of Session Agenda

The facilitator says, “Today’s session will cover the topics outlined on this slide.” The facilitator reviews the session agenda with participants.

This slide can be modified to reflect what the facilitator has chosen to present during this session. The session outline in this package contains all items suggested or optional for this program.
Power Point Slide #4 Why Is It Important To Learn About Harassment In The Workplace?

The facilitator states “that there are a number of reasons why employees need to understand the importance of harassment”:
  1. Harassment and discrimination are against the law! The legislation prohibiting harassment and discrimination is The Ontario Human Rights Code, which covers most employers in Ontario. It is a very powerful piece of legislation that generally has primacy over all other laws.
  2. The Ontario Human Rights Code states that:
    • All employees have the right to work in an environment free from harassment and discrimination.
  3. Harassment and discrimination in the workplace can have significant and adverse effects for both the employer and employees: It can affect productivity, morale, absenteeism and the general health and well being of employees and the workplace.
The facilitator can also say that the company policy states that: (insert your company’s policy statement here or a summary of the statement if it is lengthy). This will reinforce that your organization also believes in the importance of ensuring a work environment free from harassment and discrimination.